I GIVE MY EYES...Stories + Conversations + Dreams

I Give My Eyes... is both spiritual autobiography and a story of healing and salvation. Author, artist, and museum curator Brian H. Peterson looks back on a creative life and reflects on his own search for the deeper layers, the substrata. In luminous, poetic prose, he ties together private and public, inward and outward journeys, struggling with the realities of advancing Parkinson s disease while discovering an affirmation of belief that embraces suffering and doubt.

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Sample reviews:


     +++Patheos.com (online blog), Tom Rapsas, 4/25/2018

"7 Nuggets of Wisdom from One of the Last Renaissance Men      What comes through in I Give My Eyes is that Peterson cares and thinks deeply about life and the reason for his and our existence. His mind seems to be figuratively exploding with thought... He conveys the exuberance and passion of a man squeezing every last drop from life."


   +++Kirkus Reviews, 5/2018  

"A photographer and museum curator's collection of meditations and conversations on art, writing, and life in general . . . An irreverent, heartfelt work that cheerfully wanders through somber topics." --Kirkus Reviews